MacOs WeatherSnoop 4.1.1 - Capture weather info from a Davis Vantage Pro weather station for mac

Jul 21, 2018

Download Tee-Boy WeatherSnoop 4.1.1 macOS

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WeatherSnoop habla con su Davis Vantage Pro / Vantage Vue, el clima ambiental WS-1080 / WS-2080, Weatherwise Solar Pro, RainWise CC-3000, Peet Bros. ULTIMETER 100/800/2000/2100, la estación meteorológica WeatherHawk o Weather Underground para obtenga datos meteorológicos actuales y transfiérelos directamente a su Mac. Puede cargar sus datos en Weather Underground o en Citizen Weather Observer Program y compartirlos con el resto del mundo.

macOS 10.12+
Jun 27, 2018
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Look I had a similar problem and I solved it relatively quickly with a YouTube video that is similar to a tutorial, I'll spend it with the shortener as I found it a long time ago and in case that does not help you, look at the videos related to on the right.


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