Windows CyberLink LabelPrint

8 Feb 2019

CyberLink LabelPrint - a program that allows you to create stylish covers for CD or DVD discs. The program contains a huge library of ready-made covers and templates, and is also quite easy to use. In order to create a label, you need to perform four simple steps: choose a suitable template, specify information about the disc content, place text (or images) on the template, and finally send the finished project to print.

The application supports automatic import of information about musical compositions from online databases. This feature allows a couple of clicks to indicate on the cover of the track list. Thanks to special congratulatory templates, with the help of CyberLink LabelPrint you can create a cover for a disc that you are going to give to a friend or loved one. It is also worth noting that the program can be integrated into other applications that support printing of covers, for example, in the latest versions of Power2Go, PowerProducer, and PowerDirector.
CyberLink LabelPrint. This easy-to-use toolkit will help give your DVD / CD collections a more attractive look with stylish and varied stickers, covers, and liners. The new version of CyberLink LabelPrint will allow users to download high-quality label and cover templates from, process them according to their own needs and print directly from the application interface.

Key features of the new version:
Users can download free templates, published on and suitable for creating high-quality printing for CD / DVDs.
The CyberLink version of LabelPrint will also allow you to use sticker templates from commercial manufacturers.
The built-in high-resolution image library will offer the user a choice of 39 popular themes, such as travel, birthday, sport, etc. Also, you can import your own image files and create professional-quality templates based on them.

Support for technology Labelflash and LightScribe will allow you to engrave images and text directly on the surface of the disk.
Owners of extensive MP3 libraries can quickly and easily generate numbered track lists. The user simply selects the files recorded on the disc, after which all the necessary information will be loaded into the selected template and processed automatically. This useful functionality will allow you to create tabs and covers for CDs and DVDs with a detailed list of their contents.
Although CyberLink LabelPrint is a completely self-contained tool, many users will appreciate its tight integration with other CyberLink products. Including access to tools for printing labels can be obtained from the interfaces of applications CyberLink Media Suite and CyberLink Power2Go.

Stylish Disc Labels
- Create labels, covers and jewel-case inlays
- Burn images onto LightScribe & Labelflash discs
- Auto-import MP3 songs and playlist information
- Choose from high-res images and built-in templates.
- Import free templates from
- Output to a wide range of commercial label templates

Improved Direct-to-Disc Label Burning: Labelflash ™ and LightScribe ™
Labelflash software and LightScribe discs. LabelPrint recognizes these technologies, then it provides the option to burn.

Music Track Lists Can be Transferred Between Layouts
Track lists quickly and easily by selecting your files. The CD / DVD

Improved Output to Commercial Label Templates - Football Designs
LabelPrint supports a wide range of commercially available labeling brands for your disc cover. A built-in library of high-resolution images, including CD / DVD labels, including Travel, Happy Birthday, and Football (i.e. Soccer). You can also use your own CDs and DVDs.

Integration with Other CyberLink Products
It is a product that has been designed for the CD / DVD labels. After installing, you can access the CyberLink Power2Go.

What's New in CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5:
- Print directly on disc - Labelflash
- Print directly on disc - Epson Printers
- Print directly on disc - LightScribe
- Import free templates from DirectorZone
- Edit album information
- Import file names from MP3 tags
- Prefined layout templates
- Insert text object
- Insert curved text object
- Insert pictures
- Program optimization and maintenance.

Program Information:
Year of release: 2019
Platform: Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / 7
Interface language: English + Russifier
Medicine: Activation
File size: 55.15 MB