Windows AVG TuneUp 2019 19.1 Build 840 Final

8 Feb 2019

Thanks to AVG TuneUp, older PCs work longer and newer ones run faster. Our PC optimization tool is equipped with advanced “Sleep Mode” technology to increase the speed and performance of the PC, as well as the disk cleaning function and browser to free up space.

• Optimize your PC using the “Sleep Mode”
Installed programs slow down work, taking up PC memory and consuming processor resources. Our fully advanced technology puts them into sleep mode and removes them only when you need programs, not a minute before.
• Find and remove unwanted software using the "Remove Unwanted Software"
This function detects resource-intensive software and helps to get rid of it, as well as programs that you have already forgotten about.
• Perform deep cleaning of the hard disk using the "Disk Cleanup" function.
From residual installer files to cache. From old backups to temporary system files. They have completed their task and now they are just an unnecessary ballast, which we can clear, making room for really important things.
• Surf the Web Easier and Faster with Browser Cleanup
Temporary data and residual files from the Internet? They are no longer there either. We delete files that Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers cannot get rid of on their own. What does this give? Faster and more convenient browser.
• Clean the registry automatically
If you want to ensure proper operation of the Windows operating system and avoid program crashes and error messages, let AVG TuneUp take care of this and clean your registry.
• Provide proper maintenance for your PC with just one click.
Traces of your actions on the Internet, cached files, residual data of programs, non-working shortcuts ... - all this accumulates every day. Our one-click service function takes care of everything.

• Improving the performance of a personal computer by optimizing its various components: the registry, disk subsystem, memory, etc.
• Find duplicate files and just large objects that occupy a significant amount of disk space.
• There is protection against damage to the operating system. That is, even an inexperienced user will not be able to cause Windows any harm. The "smart" program simply will not allow this.
• There is an automatic test mode and a fully manual, customizable method. The latter should be used only by users who are well versed in the issue.

• Simple user interface, through which to understand and work with the utility quickly and conveniently.
• A good result of work, most often the performance of a PC or laptop increases significantly. Naturally, if the OS is “killed” nothing will help it.
• Quite low system requirements with good speed.
• Another factor contributing to convenient work is the complete Russification of the program. Even help is implemented in Russian.
• In setting up and using this software is very simple. In order to clean the computer, the user does not need to have any specific knowledge.
• There is no risk of damage to Windows files while competing software can easily lead to such consequences.
• Present algorithm of work on schedule. You simply specify the time, and the program in accordance with it cleans certain parts of the PC.

Program Information:
Year of release: 2019
Platform / OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Interface language: Multilingual / Русский / English
Medicine: Included
Size: 58.71 MB