Herramienta Scrip Para subir en Alexa rapido

14 Ene 2018
En el paraiso
Script que pones en tu web y hace pensar a Alexa que todos tus visitantes tienen la maldita barra instalada por lo cual van a hacerte subir como la espuma en el ranking.

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The Alexa toolbar itself generates a standard HTTP GET request.  We can do the same by inserting a <IMG> tag with the resulting url as the source.  Alexa actually returns XML markup as a response, but the contents are irrelevent for this purpose; we just want to trigger the logic.

There are a bunch of query values in the URL; some are obvious, others... not so much.

The keys to getting this to work is to start page generation with:


If your using persistant sessions, you probably already got this.

Next, create a new function somewhere in your code; if you have a global functions file, it'd probably go there.  otherwise, you can put it right below the session_start() value above.

function alexa() {
    $domain    = "http://data.alexa.com";
    $keylength = 14;            // the resulting length of the keyid.  14 and 15 were seen in the wild.
    // session_start() must have already been set.  If so, this will ensure that each visitor maintains the same keyid throughout the entire visit.
    if (isset($_SESSION['alexa_keyid'])) {
        $keyid = $_SESSION['alexa_keyid'];
    } else {
        $keyid     = substr(str_shuffle("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890"),0,$keylength);
        $_SESSION['alexa_keyid'] = $keyid;
    $cli       = "10";           // ???
    $dat       = "snba";         // ???
    $ver       = "7.2";          // version number of toolbar?
    $cdt       = "alx_vw";       // ???
    $wid       = rand(0,32767);  // appears to be a random integer initiated when the browser starts.
    $act       = "00000000000";  // ???
    $ssarray   = array ("800x800", "1024x768", "1280x768", "1280x800",
                      "1280x1024", "1600x1200", "1680x1050", "1920x1200");
    $ss        = $ssarray[0];    // browser screensize.  Resulting value is chosen at random from an array of values.
    $bw        = "1523";         // bandwidth? probably used in calculating metrics related to visitor connection speeds  (noted values are close to common
                                 // connection speeds like 768k, 1mb, 1.5mb, etc.)
    $t         = "0";            // ???
    $ttl       = rand(200,1000); // time-to-live?  probably used in calculating average load times
    $vis       = "1";            // ???
    $rq        = rand(15,80);    // appears to increment with each toolbar request
    $url       = "http://<<<PUT YOUR DOMAIN HERE>>>/";

    return $domain.$params;  

Finally, insert somewhere on your page the following:

<? echo "<img src='".alexa()."' height='0' width='0'>"; ?>

That will trigger the actual event.

Somebody else can probably clean and extend this code up better than I.  This was a quick hack-togeather in about 30 minutes.  If i'm on to something, it could also warrant a better explanation.